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As a mother, you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to know everything there is to know about being a parent. You always feel as though you’re not doing “enough,” or you’re not doing it “right.”

Believe me, I understand first-hand how you are feeling. I used to feel completely overwhelmed, isolated and frustrated. 

There were so many questions and challenges coming my way on a daily basis and I needed to talk to someone who wouldn’t judge my choices. I knew I needed to take better care of myself, so I could be there 100% for my child...but I didn’t know how to do that. 

But do you know the one thing that helped me get back on track and stay there? Reaching out for support

And that’s why I created, Find Strength in Change: A 3-month Private Coaching Program for Mothers.

I want you to feel more confident, lighter and at peace every day as a mom. 

This program is for you if:

  • You are a mother in the postpartum period (this could even be 10 years later!)
  • You are struggling with what you think you should do vs what you want to do
  • You want to express yourself, without feeling judged, and you want to feel heard
  • You want to make your OWN decisions 
  • You are overcome with guilt
  • You want more energy and space to enjoy this precious time with your new little one(s)
  • You are exhausted and overwhelmed by all the noise, suggestions and advice coming from every direction
  • You are looking for some easy and practical tools to support you with all of the above

What you will walk away with:

  • Confidence and ease in making decisions as a mother
  • Feeling more joy each day (and less resentment!)
  • Knowing exactly what to do and say to others when receiving opinions and advice 
  • New boundaries to protect your time, energy and space
  • The ability to recognize when self-doubt creeps in...and how to get rid of it! 
  • A clear understanding of who you are, how you want to BE as a mother, woman, wife, daughter (in-law) and the feeling that this comes easily without all the guilt!

What is included in this 3-month program:

  • 12 1-hour private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email and private messaging access to me for the 3 month program
  • All the program content in PDF, audio and video format
  • Unlimited access to me via a private Facebook group

Sometimes all you need through this new chapter in your life is a little support...but the right kind of support. 

You need someone to listen, to empower you to seek clarity in your choices and to help you find strength in change. 

And that is what I can do for you! 

Are you ready to get started?! Click here to join “Find Strength in Change” today. 


Needs Discovery call (45mins) - Free

Book a Needs Discovery call to discuss your needs and goals. It's important that we both feel it's a good match. Once we agree to work together, we determine which package works for you.

JUMP START (1 month Intro to Coaching) - $200 per week/$800 total 

If you're not sure how coaching works and your not ready to commit to a minimum of 3 months, yet, this is for you!

  • One 60-minute phone call per week for a total of 4-weeks
  • Check-ins between calls


 FIND STRENGTH IN CHANGE (3-month Signature Program) - $150 per week/$1,800 total 

Private 1:1 Coaching, tailored to meet your exact needs

  • Twelve 1-hour private (weekly) coaching sessions 
  • Unlimited email and private messaging access to me for the entire 3 months
  • When relevant, program content in PDF, audio and video format
  • Unlimited access to me via a private Facebook group

*Option to move to bi-weekly after 6 weeks


    THE MOM SANCTUARY Group Coaching Program (8 weeks) - $50 per week/$400 total

    • One 90-min call per month
    • Private Facebook group 
    • Guest speakers and trainings
    • Unlimited access to me via private messaging and email
    • All program content in PDF, audio and video format

    *All rates are subject to HST.

    Know of a new mom who could use a little support? Get in touch to find out more about gift certificates!