“Over the past three years Gesa has been coaching me through some major transitions in my life. I could not have navigated this journey with such authenticity without her support. Gesa’s guidance allowed me to identify and focus on the things that were important to me and to face my fears and insecurities. Gesa helped me to get clear on my values and showed me how to use them as a guide to making better decisions. I will forever be grateful for her sensitive and insightful coaching.” — Adrienne P


“Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already.”

— Pema Chödrön




The art of holding space through 1:1 Coaching for someone to be heard and seen allows true alignment, growth and healing to take place and ultimately, rediscovering your true self. It allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with authentic thoughts and actions, developing a purpose in all that you do. I use an intuitive coaching technique throughout my practice to help guide my clients along in their healing journey. Weather permitting, taking our sessions outside on forest walks is an option as nature is grounding, stress-relieving, clarifying & perspective-altering.


My passion is to lead myself and others home to recall our authenticity, re-connecting with our intuition through Meditation is a form of self-care that helps us to feel guided, and with a purpose. After years of internal disconnect, people pleasing, and feeling unheard, I used Meditation to re-unite with myself. I combine these soul-centered techniques to deliver a unique balance of Meditation and Coaching via 1:1 sessions and group workshops. Outdoor Sitting & Walking Meditation available.


I have been facilitating since 2001 and offer a variety of workshops and other offerings:

Mindfulness Self Compassion

Sitting and Walking Meditation

Self-care & Boundaries


Grounding & Coaching in Nature

Coaching 101 and integrating it into your work

My Journey

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I was raised by parents who were both strong advocates for peace and I grew up learning about diverse cultures, beliefs and beauty from around the globe. I quickly understood that we all had a responsibility to work towards a common goal of social inclusion and equal rights for all. Travelling was what provided me with an education beyond what I knew from books or a classroom and I was witness to the true state of humanity - nothing was more important to me than finding my unique way to help and be of service.

After spending 15 years travelling the world to facilitate grassroots change in rural communities, I came home and started a family. It was then that I stumbled upon my greatest power to influence for good; healing my inner world with the sole purpose of being of greater service to the rest of the world.

My whole life has been a split between these two seemingly competing energies: inner peace and activism. It’s what drives me, it’s my passion, it's who I am and where I am. My business is an extension of this very important question that has followed me for a lifetime: How can I mindfully connect within, so that I can be a powerful force for good in the world?

Realizing my own highly sensitive, intuitive nature opened my eyes to see how others simply opened up and shared from the heart when they were near me. I knew I wanted to lead myself and others home to feel more aligned with who we truly are, re-connecting with our intuitive guidance through mindfulness is a form of self care that helps us to feel guided and on purpose. Each of us needs that mindful connection within to truly make a positive impact being mindful in the external world too.

Let’s explore your journey together and start an open dialogue to see if we’re a good fit. I offer complimentary 30-minute consultations followed by the option to connect on an hourly basis, or regularly, as part of my packages. To learn more, please reach out by email or book your consultation below.

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“Working with Gesa gave me confidence, to share what was really going on, she held space for the exhaustion, isolation and many other issues that I faced while being pregnant and in becoming a mother. She gave me the tools I needed and helped me in all aspects of my new life, as a mother, a partner, and most importantly with myself.”

Laura Commisso

“I had been having trouble sleeping for about a month and tried everything natural I could think of. I mentioned it to a group of friends, and someone suggested Intuitive Guidance. Gesa listened and was able to pull out exactly what was actually bothering me. We sat in silence for a bit and she intuitively did some releasing of these things from me and I instantly felt better. That night, and every night since I’ve fallen asleep quickly and have slept soundly. This call with Gesa completely shifted everything, THANK YOU Gesa!!”

Zoia Nikolova

“Working with Gesa was what got me out of the constant guilty state as a mother, to letting go of control and moving on with love and compassion first and foremost towards myself so that I could continue to cater to my and my family’s needs that way as well.”

Meghan Perry

“Gesa’s magic is her genuine and passionate curiosity coupled with her ability to shift and respond to what I require in the moment. That’s truly a rare gift. While doing intuitive work, Gesa opens herself as a channel and stays in that high vibration while I go directly to what it is that I need to see. It’s not always easy but she consistently holds that beautiful vibration of openness and asks me all the right questions. That supports me in seeing/hearing/feeling a different perspective and I gain incredible insight into myself and my life. After a session with Gesa I feel calm and centered. It is exactly what I’ve needed as I explore the integration of Source, soul and body. Gesa has a very special gift and I’m so grateful to have her support on my journey.”


“slowing down and being mindful is just noticing and accepting the present moment exactly as it is playing out. without any resistance or longing for change. embracing it just as it is. from this place one can take the next best step”

— Gesa Harmston


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