Meet Gesa

During my pregnancy and the first few months with my newborn, I often felt completely overwhelmed, isolated, and frustrated. There were so many questions and challenges, and I needed to talk to someone who wouldn't judge my choices. I often felt unheard when I expressed how I was feeling or what I wanted to do where my child was concerned and I knew deep down this wasn't right. I knew I needed to take care of myself if I was going to be there for my child, and I struggled with how to do that. The thing that helped me get back on track and stay there was reaching out for support, creating boundaries and finally voicing my needs and feeling heard. Once I gave back to myself, I was able to find my unique strengths and use them towards becoming the mom I knew I was capable of being.  

As my children grew, I developed coping strategies, learned to manage my energy, and clarified what my personal needs were. Now, I help other mothers do the same. Each woman's experience as a mother is unique, but we all need a little help getting out of our heads (and houses).

Gesa Harmston is a Certified Life Coach of over 8 years and lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband and two children. After thirteen years in the not-for-profit sector, where she supported people through the transition of living and working internationally, Gesa discovered her true passion was in helping women through the exciting and empowering experience of being a new mother.