My Journey

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I was raised by parents who were both strong advocates for world peace; my father travelled the world while I was a little girl advocating for women's rights through his own non-profit. I grew up knowing cultures, beliefs and beauty of so many countries and I was captivated! Travelling provided an education beyond what I knew from books or a class room. I was witness to the true state of humanity - nothing was more important for me then finding a way to help make a difference!

After spending two decades travelling the world to facilitate grassroots change in indigenous communities, I stumbled upon my greatest power to influence for good; as a Mother to my two young children. 

My whole life has been a split between these two seemingly competing energies: inner peace and activism. It’s what drives me, it’s my passion, it's who I am and where I am. My business is an extension of this very important question that has followed me for a lifetime: How can I mindfully connect within, so that I can be a powerful force for good in the world?

Realising my own highly sensitive, intuitive nature opened my eyes to see how women simply opened up and shared from the heart when they were near me. I knew I wanted to lead myself and others home to be more of who we truly are, re-connecting with our intuitive guidance through mindfulness is a form of self care that helps us to feel guided and on purpose. Each of us needs that mindful connection within to truly make a positive impact being mindful in the external world too.

Let’s explore your journey together and start an open dialougue to see if we’re a good fit. I offer complimentary 30-minute consultations followed by the option to connect on an hourly basis, or regularily as part of my packages. To learn more, please reach out by email or book your consultation below.

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